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A place for managers & senior leaders to learn, share & grow.

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The Strategy & Leadership Community is a space for managers and senior leaders to gather, share, learn and grow together.

This community is a focused, distraction-free place for you to come learn from like-minded individuals, and receive expert advice.


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Access our library of podcasts with CEOs, Executive Directors, consultants, and speakers from across Canada, the USA, and the UK (available in video as well).

We hope you can learn as much as we have from these leaders sharing their experiences leading people, executing strategy, developing culture, and more..

Live Events

We'll always have a couple live events for you to look forward to. Check out the events tab on the far left panel.

During our live events, we like to interview CEOs, Executive Directors, University Head's, Board Chairs, and anyone involved in leading people or executing strategy.


Access our library of videos to help you with every aspect of leadership and strategy. With our video content, we like to dig deeper and touch even more subject areas including communication, alignment, change management & more.  

*New videos are released every week, so stay tuned..


Access our blog content with 40,000+ monthly readers. Our blog features content produced in-house, as well as guest content from experts in their field.


'How to Create a Strategic Plan'

This course is designed for managers, executive directors, and CEOs that want to develop clarity, alignment, and purpose for their teams by taking them through the strategic planning process.

This is the exact process we use with our clients to help them create a strategic plan for their organizations.

The course covers each step in the planning process, and is broken down into 4 main phases: "Where are we now?", "Where are we going?", "How are we going to get there?", and "What's going to get in our way?"

Group Coaching

Join the private section of the Strategy & Leadership Community to be a part of bi-weekly group coaching calls with other leaders and community members with similar challenges as you. Come prepared with your own questions, and listen in on the questions of your peers.

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